It’s so good to see old friends!

I first met Lisa about 15 years ago in a bible study group.  So I was super excited to hear from her when she scheduled a family portrait session during my most recent trip back to Florida, because it meant I would get to meet her family!

And what a sweet (and photogenic) family they are!!!  That baby William was my best buddy by then end of the shoot.  He reached for me at one point, and thats grounds for a good snuggle time with any baby I’m shooting.  (Come to me, babies!! I want to hug you!)

Side note:  It had been spitting rain for several hours before this session, but we went for it anyway (since I was leaving the next day) hoping for the best!  Thankfully it stopped about 15 minutes into shooting, and we were able to finish a beautiful session at Phillippi Estates in Sarasota FL.

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