Congratulations Jeremy & Leslie!

This week I gained 1 more beautiful and healthy niece!  Which now gives me a grand total of 7 nieces and nephews!  yay!  What a blessing!

Shooting this birth was a dream for so many reasons!

-My sister in law delivered at the hospital 5 minutes from my house,

-My husband had just gotten home from work, so he could watch our kids (Photographing a birth often means having to find a sitter at the drop of a hat, which is tough.),

-She labored and delivered all during daytime hours (I’ve been to many a birth in the middle of the night and it can be quite exhausting when you have your own little ones at home!)

-Haddie was born within 10 minutes of my arrival at the hospital!  (I was literally scrambling to get into position when I saw the nurses start to frantically prepare for baby coming out!)

-This was the first birth of theirs that I was actually in town for!  (The other two were born while we lived in Florida.)

It’s so awesome to be able to attend such a momentous event in someone’s life, and the fact that they’re family made it even more special.  Thanks for letting me be there, guys!

_DSC7529Leslie’s sister Rachel is due in a few months!  _DSC7526Third time around and these two were pro’s!  Jeremy was an awesome support and coach for his laboring wife.  (Leslie always has drug free births, so she needs him as pain relief!)_DSC7440 _DSC7451 _DSC7453 _DSC7460 I love a tearful daddy!  “She’s almost here!”_DSC7462 Leslie’s sister and mom got to be in the room for the birth.  Clearly they were excited!_DSC7470Haddie June was 9 lbs. 1 oz., 23″ long! (and 11 days over due!)

_DSC7475 _DSC7463_DSC7481 _DSC7493 _DSC7497 _DSC7504 _DSC7512 _DSC7514 The baby was out, and Leslie was starving!  I loved this meal team that assembled to get this hungry mama fed quick before the room service ended. _DSC7519 Get ready for some cuteness!  Haddie has two older sisters who were dying to meet her…._DSC7546 _DSC7547 _DSC7556 _DSC7557 _DSC7560 _DSC7568 _DSC7572 _DSC7595