This sweet family has been a huge blessing to me.  Especially mom, Shannon.  We’ve become good friends over the past year and work together on many photography jobs.  She is the owner and photographer of Simple Joy Portraits.  We’ve started a great tradition of swapping family portraits.  I am so grateful for her beautiful work!  Check out her lovely family!Garrett Family 10-11-14-43Garrett Family 10-11-14-35  Garrett Family 10-11-14-51Garrett Family 10-11-14-67  Garrett Family 10-11-14-88Garrett Family 10-11-14-62 Garrett Family 10-11-14-99 Garrett Family 10-11-14-106 Garrett Family 10-11-14-108 Garrett Family 10-11-14-132 Garrett Family 10-11-14-136 Garrett Family 10-11-14-147 Garrett Family 10-11-14-215