These folks are

1. cute

2. original

3. in love

Those are some lovely qualities to photograph.  Take a look…_DSC6202 _DSC6205Chris just so happens to be an incredible artist.  A Ringling graduate, actually.  So I asked him to do a little spontaneous sketching of his lovely girlfriend.  It was a first for me to photograph artwork in the making!  Thanks Chris!_DSC6221 _DSC6235 _DSC6237 Then we had to do a few cheesy Christmas poses, as per their request.  😉_DSC6249 _DSC6255 Who doesn’t love a good awkward Christmas photo in a tacky sweater?!_DSC6267 Now back to how gorgeous and in love these two are…_DSC6289 _DSC6298 _DSC6309 _DSC6324 _DSC6341 This session also included my first upside-down client, and Spidy/Mary-Jane style kiss.  Again, thanks for humoring me, guys.