I have loved all of the couples I’ve worked with.  I’ve never experienced a couple that makes me want to quit this business.  

BUT!  I have to say that Robby and Caitlyn were so amazingly above and beyond kind and considerate to me during this whole process.  It was truly an extra pleasure to work with them.  During the speeches that each of their father’s gave I just found myself nodding along in agreement to all of their wonderful comments about the Bride and Groom.

Their wedding day was so beautiful, memorable, emotional, and super super fun!!!  Thanks for letting me be a part of it all, Caitlyn & Robby!
_DSC7238 _DSC7327 _DSC7352 _DSC7356 _DSC7385 _DSC7394 _DSC7395 Caitlyn & robby - 0803

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_DSC7587   Caitlyn & robby - 0780

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DSC_1882 DSC_1998 DSC_1999 DSC_2001 DSC_2008

DSC_2029 The DJ at this wedding KILLED IT!  Song after song, he had the dance floor filled.  And it was hard for me to keep from moving my hips a little too!  I recommend him to anyone throwing a party soon in the Ft. Wayne area!

Brett Windmiller of All Star DJ’s